Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letter to Charlottesville Daily Progress, Oct. 26, 2010, re Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello should be re-elected because he is part of a new generation of political leaders who seek creative solutions without regard for partisan politics or ideology. Tom, responding to constituents, has applied his intelligence to restarting the economy while protecting the environment, promoting true health insurance reform, preserving Social Security and assisting returning military veterans.

To reform health care, Rep. Perriello sponsored legislation to remove the anti-trust exemption health insurance companies enjoy that enables them to avoid competitiveness, thus increasing consumer cost. His bill passed the House three times, only to die in the Senate because of undue influence by the health insurance industry. Perriello will continue to push this bill until the Senate enacts it.

He has also supported legislation to jump-start the new energy economy because he knows that renewable energy sources can create new jobs for much of Southside Virginia and that they will also be good for the environment.

The congressman voted against Wall Street bailouts and against a budget bill that did not address the growing deficit. Thus, he does not vote in lockstep with the president or with the Democrats in Congress. Instead, he reads the bills, thinks through the options, including the unintended consequences, and listens to his constituents. I do not necessarily agree with his every vote, but I support the principled basis, including impacts on the district, on which he makes decisions.

Tom Perriello has held scores of public town halls and meetings with constituent groups, including those such as the tea party, which opposes him. Last year, at a health reform meeting in Charlottesville, he listened and responded to questions for several hours without making speeches or pronouncements. He cares about the needs of others, not only in terms of legislation but also in a personal commitment to fairness and justice for all.

The congressman receives no support from corporate political action committees or paid lobbyists; instead, he has based his campaign on contributions from thousands of individuals.

Tom Perriello is a good man who represents a bright future for the regions of Central and Southside Virginia. I know I will be proud to vote for Tom Perriello for Congress on Nov.2 Sphere: Related Content

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