Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Ban Some Phrases

UPDATE ON OLD POST: Please take a look at a political art blog dontcallmesweetie that elaborates on my desire to ban "At the end of the day..." from the political lexicon:

My previous post from 12/08: This is the beginning of a list of hackneyed and misplaced phrases or responses that are frequently used. I'm always yelling at the TV or radio when they're said. Instead, I'm hoping that writing about them here, a few others will join me to lobby to remove from our lexicon

Here they are:
“At the end of the day . . .” Said by media reporters, politicians and everyone making some type of public pronouncement.
Womanpolitico: Try anything else. How about “Finally…” ?

“I have to tell you . . .” used especially by politicians.
Womanpolitico: No, you don’t have to tell me but you want to.
“It’s my opinion …” or “I believe . . .”

“No problem” : said by clerks, wait people, anyone to whom you’ve just said “thank you.”
Womanpolitico: Please just say “you’re welcome.”

I'd love to hear others' pet peeves in the language area. Sphere: Related Content